Why should construction project management be so complicated?

Optimise the workflow of your construction projects from pre-construction to construction, saving 30% of your time.
Collaborate smoothly and securely with all project stakeholders on the same platform and say goodbye to inefficient excel-based management.


Manage multiple projects with less risk.

Improve collaboration

Avoid rework and incomplete or outdated information, by centralizing the workflow through every step of the project and between the general contractor, subcontractors and the client.


Boost your productivity

Save 30% of your time on pre-construction or construction projects in order to focus on your job instead of administration.


Take control of your budget

Eliminate bids errors and build more reliable budget estimates with clear and accurate construction costs.

Work and collaborate more efficiently

Make more reliable budgets

As an estimator your goal is to estimate complete and realistic budgets in a short time. That's why Smartbeam helps you reduce the risk of errors for better control of your margins. Create bid packages easily to send to subcontractors – all without the burden of contact database management. They can directly fill their prices on the platform to accelerate bids comparison. Edit and search detailed bill of quantities easier than before and build reliable estimates based on subcontractor bids or an updated price library.

Keep track of your budgets

Smartbeam centralises the workflow between pre-construction and handoff so that you have the necessary information at fingertips when starting the jobsite. By automatically aligning your contracts and change orders with your budget, Smartbeam makes it easy to review financial performance over time. Of course it won’t eliminate cost overruns, but it can surely help manage them.

Leverage your construction data

Construction projects follow one another, leaving little time to look back. Smartbeam applies the Lean Construction approach by facilitating the feedback between pre-construction and the jobsite. The platform helps you to leverage historical cost information, budget deviations and subcontractor performances to improve the reliability of future estimates.

Use Smartbeam to efficiently collaborate in teams and manage your project budgets.
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For builders, by builders

Caroline Basecqz

Caroline Basecqz

Construction Engineer
Florent Coninck

Florent Coninck

Business Engineer
Dennis De Reyer

Dennis De Reyer

Software Engineer
Vincent Devree

Vincent Devree

Construction Expert

We have assembled a team of construction and computer science experts to provide construction teams with the collaboration tools they need.

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