Financial monitoring for General Contractors

Connect the office to the job site to centralize your financial monitoring and facilitate the work of your teams.

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How do General Contractors control their budgets with Smartbeam?

Whatever the type or size of the site, we help you bridge the gap between the field and the office with a web and mobile solution, simple and efficient to generate your progress reports with confidence and access everything moment to the status of your projects, wherever you are.

Control the profitability of your projects

Get automated financial reporting of sales and expenses

Effortlessly track changes, deviations and movements and assign yourself alerts on exceedances

Analyze the projected costs and delta in order to ensure the profitability of the site in the long term

Connect the site to the office

Follow in real time the progress of tasks by zone

Collect and validate directly the progress of your subcontractors by tracing at any time who did what

Justify and document your progress reports with comments and photos

Generate progress reports in 1 click

Get pre-populated, reliable, structured and easy to validate progress reports by filtering on the latest updated items and by whom

Increase reliability by eliminating duplicate entries, errors and incorrect formulas in Excel

Please be assured that the amounts invoiced correspond to the amount of work performed

Share them with your customers and / or your subcontractors for validation

Track changes and turn them into counts

Add supplements or control from the site and create an approval workflow with the decision-makers

Control your quantities thanks to the follow-up of the quantity takeoff and trace the history of variations

Reduce unrecoverable bills with faster customer approval

Take into account pending or upcoming changes in your financial projections

Visualize the overall state of the site

Forget the post-it notes on a wall, keep an cross view in real time of the progress of the tasks by area

Highlight blocking areas or stains

Create views filtered by task, zone or subcontractor for your weekly meetings

Discover the advantages of Smartbeam

Save time

Increase efficiency through automated management, financial tracking and invoicing

Improved reporting

Obtain an aggregated view of budgets, validated progress reports and accounts and invoices to be received


Eliminate calculation errors and oversights thanks to automation and to-do-task notifications

Without commitment

No installation or maintenance costs. Only a subscription, all inclusive, cancellable whenever you want

Connect your teams. Control your costs, starting today

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