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The easiest platform to manage budget informations with every site stakeholders

Tired of chaotic budget management and copy-paste?

Are you tired of chaotic budget management and rework ?
Are you tired of chaotic budget management and rework ?

Smartbeam helps general contractors, subcontractors, architects and developers to manage their procurement process smartly without going through any other emails or spreadsheets.

Improve collaboration

Improve collaboration

Avoid rework and errors of 80% by centralizing the workflow between every stakeholders

Boost your productivity

Boost your productivity

Save 50% of your time in order to focus on the most important tasks

Take control of your budgets

Take control of your budgets

Allow everyone to have a clear view on construction costs and scope of work

Get everyone on the same page

  • Share projects with every stakeholders
  • Seamless handoff & information transfer
  • Capitalize information from project to project
  • Collaborate on joint venture projects
Get everyone on the same page

Evaluate and share your contacts with your colleagues

  • Centralise multiple sources of contacts
  • Your contacts automatically updated
  • Rate each company
  • Discover new contractors to work with
Stay on budget

Bid management simplified

  • Invite and track bid invitations
  • Share documents in few clicks
  • Send effortless reminders
  • Prioritize your next tasks
Build accurate estimate

The future of bids comparison

  • Compare bids faster
  • Keep the flexibility of excel
  • Control bid revisions
  • Visualize prices against budgets
Stay on budget

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