Budget management made easy for construction teams

Smartbeam facilitates your teamwork, on site and in the office. Less administration so you can focus on your work and ensure the profitability of your sites

Industry leaders trust us

Tired of chaotic email exchanges and Excel?

Managing progress statements for every stakeholders in multiple spreadsheets is complex and time-consuming. It's easy to make mistakes and lose track of changes when all information is exchanged through different communication channels.

A single platform to centralise all budget information

Smartbeam allows you to work more effectively as a team and with external stakeholders thanks to standardized processes. Minimize risks and increase the reliability of your budgets thanks to centralized data in the office and on site, a clear history, as well as an automated financial summary in real time.

Adapted to each profession

Control your budgets

Get reliable, real-time financial reporting and be alerted to the risk of slippage.

Optimize communication

Collaborate effectively with your project manager and companies to avoid information loss.

Follow the progress of the sites

Follow the progress of the work without having to be present on site and access an activity report

Dematerialize the approval of invoices

Follow the evolution of the status of invoices, from internal validation to payment.

Project owner

The project owner visualizes the progress of the works and can clearly track his expenses and sales for each project

Keep control of budgets

Consolidate reliable financial reporting for the client and be alerted to the risk of slippage.

Optimize communication

Collaborate effectively with owners and companies and avoid information loss.

Follow the progress of the sites

Follow in real time the progress of the work with a clear and documented history of the last activities.

Simplify the follow-up of invoicing

Follow the evolution of the status of invoices, from internal validation to payment by the customer.

project manager

The general contractor oversees budget compliance and easily tracks the actions of each stakeholder thanks to a single source of truth

Control the profitability of your sites

Manage your projects using reliable financial reporting and monitor your indicators in real time.

Optimize communication

Collaborate on the same interface with your project partners to guarantee a single source of truth.

Connect the office to the site

Access up-to-date information for your teams that can validate and justify the work done on site..

Automatically generate structured progress reports avoiding encoding errors

Automatically generate structured progress reports avoiding encoding errors.

General contractor

The general contractor can monitor all his projects in real time by connecting the site to the office. In this way he easily manages the progress of the works and checks his budgets.

Control the profitability of your sites

Get reliable, real-time financial reporting and be alerted to the risk of slippage.

Optimize communication

Information and documents are brought together for you, your teams and your customer.

Reduce the administrative burden

Save 2 to 3 hours per week by automatically generating your progress reports simply from the site.

Get paid faster

Get faster validation of progress reporting and invoices and receive payment notification.

Specialized contractors

The company can follow the progress of the work directly on the site. It keeps control of its margin and profitability

Smartbeam is developed by professionals in the field and helps me save time and work much more efficiently both with my subcontractors and with my colleagues.

Maxime Detollenaere

Project Manager

Thomas et Piron

Since I have been using Smartbeam, my reports are automatically generated during my tour of the site. It saves me precious time to use for the rest of my tasks

Tristan Herrezeel

Project Engineer


What appealed to me about Smartbeam was the simplicity of the application. It allows me to save time writing progress reports, avoid errors and immediately see where we are in invoicing by directly comparing sales and purchases.

Céline Piron

Project manager

Art Carrelages

The ideal assistant to manage your site budgets

My projects

Smartbeam gives you a helicopter view of all your projects with an overview of sales and expenses for each project.

Invite your project partners and give them access to the data that concerns them to work together more efficiently and eliminate communication silos.


No need to update your cost and sales analysis table manually.

Accurately track your orders and expenses, batch by batch against budget, as well as billing and margin progress month by month.

Progress reports

Generate reliable, structured and easy-to-validate progress reports by filtering on the latest updated items and by whom.

Please be assured that the amounts invoiced correspond to the amount of work performed.

Share them for approval

Mobile app

Ensure teams have the latest up-to-date information on what to do based on site and location.

Let your teams validate or update the progress made directly on site, with comments and photos.


Centralize the progress reports, statements and invoices of companies by project and by batch and validate the correspondence of the amounts.

Dematerialize your validation process so you no longer have to print each document.

A tool tailored for the construction industry, designed to meet your needs


Smartbeam allows you to better collaborate both internally and with external stakeholders to eliminate rework, facilitate faster approvals and provide more accurate communication.

Ridiculously easy to use

We made Smartbeam incredibly easy to use on site or at the office. Anyone on the project team can set it up in minutes and adopt it with no training. Access it on any browser, tablet, or phone to get started quickly.

Your data safe and secured

We take data privacy and security very seriously at Smartbeam. We are proudly GDPR compliant and all data is stored on Belgian servers meeting the highest security standards. We guarantee that your data is only visible to you.

Unrivaled support

Our support team is here to help you get started, answer your questions and guide you through the onboarding process. We take stock in customer feedback to improve our product and deliver the best possible experience.

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