Financial monitoring for Specialized contractors

Connect the job site to the office and save your teams time by making it easier to track work and automate progress reports.

How do specialized companies control their profitability thanks to Smartbeam?

Whatever the type of activity or the size of your company, we help you save time in the financial monitoring of your projects with a web and mobile solution, simple and intuitive. Improve the monitoring of costs and sales of your projects and never miss the opportunity to get paid for the work you do.

Follow your profitability in real time

Get automated financial reporting of sales and expenses

Avoid surprises and ensure the profitability of your projects by invoicing according to your expenses

Effortlessly track changes and make sure you get paid for quantity overruns or unscheduled work

Connect the site to the office

Indicate the progress of the work directly on site and document it with comments and photos

Collaborate with your client on the same application in order to agree on the progress of the work carried out

Make sure you and your teams have the latest up-to-date information on what is to be done on site

Generate progress reports in 1 click

Automate your progress reports in a standardized way and save your teams precious time

Eliminate duplicate entries, errors and incorrect formulas in Excel

Please be assured that the amounts invoiced correspond to the amount of work performed

Get more customer approval by reducing round trips

Maximize your profits

Reduce unrecoverable counts with faster approvals.

Stop under-invoicing by controlling your quantities

Add your statements or management directly on site so as not to forget to invoice them

Get paid faster

Maximize your cash flow with easy invoice collection, review and approval

Follow the status of invoices and check that each invoice has been paid

Keep full traceability on the modifications made during the different versions

Discover the advantages of Smartbeam

Save time

Increase efficiency through automated management, financial tracking and invoicing

Improved reporting

Obtain an aggregated view of budgets, validated progress reports and accounts and invoices to be received


Eliminate calculation errors and oversights thanks to automation and to-do-task notifications

Without commitment

No installation or maintenance costs. Only a subscription, all inclusive, cancellable whenever you want

Connect your teams. Control your costs, starting today

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